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Best Asateel Certified OBU Installation Company in Abu Dhabi

As advised by ITC, if your freight transportation business operates in Abu Dhabi or if your freight transport services travel to Abu Dhabi, you should apply for a license through the Asateel in Abu Dhabi.

It is also necessary to use GPS Trackers and other hardware equipment that seamlessly integrates with the Asateel Platform provided by Asateel Qualified providers like Falcon Trackers.

Falcon Trackers is an Asateel Certified OBU provider that offers exclusive support for Asateel registration, GPS tracker integration with Asateel's platform, and more.

Don't let the monetary penalties rise any further! Register now!

The fines for unregistered freight businesses on Asateel Platform are already at their peak. Become a member of Asateel Platform by obtaining Asateel permit to avoid paying huge fines.

Get your Asateel permit in order to operate commercial vehicles, including passenger transportation and freight transportation in Abu Dhabi as well as those that travel to Abu Dhabi with Falcon Trackers.

Our team at Falcon Trackers is here to assist you with all Asateel registration procedures and obtaining your Asateel certificate.

What's even better is along with Asateel certificate you get Asateel Certified OBUs that are compatible with Asateel Platform.

Why Falcon Trackers is the right choice for you

Vehicle security

You should always keep an eye on your vehicles, especially when they are unmonitored and are always prone to theft. Using our GPS tracking device, you will no longer have to worry about your car being stolen.
When such an incident occurs, the location of the device will be known and it will be easier to track down your vehicle and even submit the proof to the police or insurance company for verification purposes.

Vehicle monitoring

The manual maintenance of a vehicle is difficult, and you will always be dependent on details provided by the driver. It is impossible to determine whether the information provided by the driver is accurate or not. Our GPS trackers come in handy in this situation.
Our GPS Tracker helps you keep track of your vehicles on the road, allowing you to utilize them more efficiently. You can use it to check for overspeeding, deviation from a set zone, and more.

Mileage monitoring

When you have multiple vehicles, calculating fuel consumption and mileage manually can be challenging.
If GPS Tracker is installed, the app can tell you how much the customer is using the vehicle. This will allow you to schedule periodic maintenance for the vehicle. With just a few clicks, you will be able to retrieve all the necessary information, including fuel consumption, mileage and costs.

Driver behavior monitoring

When you don't know how well your driver is handling your vehicle, it is always worrying.
Using our device, you can ensure that drivers remain committed to your company's goals and objectives. Their driving behavior will be reported. As a result, timely decisions can be made, and footage can be used for training purposes in order to increase the efficiency of the driving behavior.

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