People Counter System

Passenger Counter System is a compact embedded product based on non-contact stereo vision technology. The product adopts ARM, DSP dual-core high-speed processor, built-in Linux embedded operating system, and combines H.264 video codec and other technologies.

Passenger Counter System has power-off protection technology and vehicle-wide voltage design. This comes with powerful function, excellent expandability, strong stability, and cost-effectiveness. It can be widely used in mobile vehicle environments with anti-vibration.

This mechanism can be applied in diversified vehicles such as buses, subways, trains, ships, shopping malls, building passages that require statistical traffic. This can be easily installed indoors, roofs, walls, ceilings.

95%+ accurate in counting the passengers

Passenger Counter System can accurately determine the number of people and their access direction by analyzing the overall height, image, shape, the orientation of the object in the image captured by the binocular camera after which the model generates an access log after overlay date and time (or longitude/latitude/speed information). The binocular camera which comes with the built-in infrared LED lamp can be adapted to any type of lighting quality, even to a dark or minimum light condition as well.

Support Up to 2 Door Counting at a single point in time

Per counter can connect to one or two stereo cameras to inspect front and rear doors’ channel respectively. By connecting multiple stereoscopic cameras with counters, you can detect 1.2 m-10 m channel. If there are three or more doors available then you can have multiple counters and stereo cameras wired up together which transfers data via serial portAviation connector as a video interface

  • Support ACC ignition
  • Extendibility with RS485 interface
  • 12V-36V wide voltage, suitable for various kinds of vehicle
  • High reliability
  • Easy to install, support 360° installation
  • Friendly software installation interface.
  • High-temperature resistance, work at -20°- +70°


Item: HW-PCC031Description
SystemLanguageChinese, English, Spanish(Customizable)
UIC/S Operation configuration mode
Operating ModeRemote control, PC, Web
 Imaging Sensor1/3 CCD
Video & ImageVideo FormatsPAL/NTSC(Optional)
Horizontal Resolution700 TV Lines
Preview1ch, 2 pictures stitching
Video Output1ch video output (CVBS)
OSDTime/Data/Passenger Number
Video CompressionH.264
Lens960*576Pixel, 2.8mm(3.6mm/4mm/6mm optional)
ResolutionCIF D1
AlarmInput2 alarm IO input, configurable low level alarm below 1V or high level alarm above 5V
Function AlarmVideo Lost, Video Block, Overload Alarm
Communication InterfaceRS485 Interface1 RS485 interface, support open protocol integrate and customize protocol
RJ451 RJ45 interface, can be used for testing, copying, setting, recording, upgrading, transmission, etc.
Power and power consumptionPower Input12V~36V; Please ensure that the vehicle power supply is within this range, the user should not push the system beyond 36V maximum current rating.
Power On/OffSupport ACC power on, power off delay
ACC(Car Key Signal)≤4VPower off
≥5VPower on
Output Voltage+12V@0.5A
ConsumptionNormal operation condition<4W
Video StandardPAL/NTSC(Optional)
ResolutionCIF D1
OtherWorking EnvironmentTemperature-20℃~70℃
Humidity10%~90%(No Condensation)
Heat DissipationNot support active cool,adopt passive structure to dissipate heat