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Falcon Technologies a global technology company destined towards bringing 'complete peace of mind' to its clients by providing them best services with 100% security and surveillance on all fronts. We at Falcon believe in making our customers safer and more secured, like never before.

Our advance GPS tracking and safety solution is the first initiative in this direction.

Falcon Trackers, a division of Falcon Technologies, is your one stop gateway for the entire GPS Vehicle Tracking, GPS Asset Management, Fuel Monitoring, School-bus Management and various other solutions. The Falcon on-line system and associated products deliver outstanding quality and value and our growing reputation for service along with an ever increasing customer base serve testament to this.

Falcon is a fully integrated service provider, importantly we have complete control over the development of the system you are investing in. This means that you (through the dealer channel) have direct access to the provider and will benefit from our constant innovations.

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