Asset Tracking Software

Asset tracking software from Falcon Trackers is a comprehensive web-based solution

Asset tracking software from Falcon Trackers is a comprehensive web-based solution

Falcon Trackers Asset tracking software is a comprehensive web-based solution that caters for

  • Static assets
  • Container tracking
  • Personnel tracking
  • Private tracking
  • RF tag technology
  • Marine tracking

Commercial and private applications require different user interface protocols. Falcon Trackers provide both options with the benefit of a multi-lingual web solution based on fully distributed cloud architecture.

With multi-hardware choices within the same customer operation, you can offer a wider choice to the customer and take the support burden off your shoulders. Multi-hardware choice opens up a wider revenue opportunity within your customer base. On the Real-Time Tracking screen, you can see the current vehicle status and position, as well as the location of the driver or trailer.

Map data choice: Map data sets can be used by users according to their preferences.
Geofencing: A user-defined multi polygon area such as a "no go" or "keep in" area can be assigned to an asset, and notification set up to multiple users in the event of a parameter violation.
Route adherence: A notification of deviations from predefined routes
Operating parameter: Monitoring and reporting of speed, RPM, engine hours, driver duty times, and digital and analog inputs that the user has set up.
Instant Alerts: Notification of events by email, SMS, and software.
History: "Bread crumb" replay and graphic representation of analog data. screenshots of detailed telemetry log data to assist vendors during in-unit diagnosis.
Reporting: We deliver a comprehensive set of fleet management reports that can be generated on the fly or automatically at set times, and you can also use our API to create your own reports that work seamlessly with the system.
Extensible API: The ability to develop unique features that are specific to your operation.
Administration Tools: Reports on unit connectivity and data volume. Billing based on unit connections. Ticketing system to manage customer queries and repairs.

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