Tire Management System

Discover The Best Tire Management Software In UAE And Redefine Tire Care

Discover The Best Tire Management Software In UAE And Redefine Tire Care

Tire Management System (TMS), also called a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), is a technology used in fleet to monitor tyre pressures in real-time and provide information to the driver. Using fleet tire management software is essential for safety, fuel efficiency, and overall tire performance. By maintaining proper tire inflation, a Tire Pressure Management System reduces the risk of accidents and extends tire life.

Benefits Of Falcon Trackers Tire Management System For Your Fleet Business

  • Driving Habits: By setting driver violation alerts for speeding, you can avoid overspeeding, quick turns, and harsh braking.
  • Safety: Properly inflated tyres improve fleet handling, reduce tyre blowouts, and enhance road safety.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Retaining the correct tyre pressure helps improve fuel efficiency by reducing rolling resistance.
  • Tire Longevity: Maintaining proper tire pressure prevents premature tire failure by ensuring even wear.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Reduced carbon emissions result from improved fuel efficiency.
  • Convenience: Tire pressure monitoring systems eliminate the need for manual tire pressure checks, allowing drivers to maintain optimal tire pressure.

Key Features And Components Of A Tire Management Software From Falcon Trackers


Tires are equipped with small sensors that monitor tyre pressure and, in some advanced systems, tyre temperature. There are two types of sensors: direct and indirect. Data is wirelessly transmitted to the vehicle's central computer by direct sensors using pressure transducers. Based on wheel speed and other parameters, indirect sensors infer tire pressure using the vehicle's existing anti-lock braking system (ABS).

Central Monitoring System

Tire Pressure Management System includes a central monitoring unit that receives data from the sensors and displays it on the vehicle's dashboard in real time. Depending on the system, alerts, notifications, or warnings may also be provided to the driver if tyre pressure falls below or rises above safe levels.

Driver Interface

The driver interface is typically displayed on the fleet’s dashboard, showing the current tyre pressure for each tyre. In some systems, it may include a visual display with icons indicating which tire(s) have low pressure, as well as an audible alarm.

Alerts and Warnings

A typical tyre management software in Dubai will alert the driver when tire pressure varies from recommended range. An alert could be displayed on the dashboard, displayed on the infotainment screen, or audible. Information about the specific tire affected may be provided by some advanced systems.

Battery Life

Wireless communication and pressure measurement functions of direct sensors are powered by batteries. Over time, these batteries may need to be replaced due to their limited lifespan.

Exclusive features you get with Falcon Trackers Tire Management Plans

  • Tire Stock: Digitize tire brand/model, serial number, size, tire status, and tyre depth. Details about tire stock can be uploaded through an XLS file.
  • Event Summary: Keep track of tyre rotations, retreadings, and scrapings.
  • Axle Position: Planning tire rotations can be made easier by defining axle positions for your fleet tyre
  • Configurations: The temperature & pressure limits of your fleets can be customized based on their type and role
  • Tire Status: Determine if a tyre needs to be repaired or if it is already on the vehicle.
  • Inspections: Are your tires properly inflated? Are there any unusual patterns on them? E- inspections will give you the answers you need!

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