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Falcon Trackers - VTS (Vehicle Tracking System)

VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) from Falcon Trackers is a compact solution for remote vehicle tracking. It provides you with an easy-to-use web and mobile application platform, with an intuitive user interface, as well as detailed MIS reports already prepared for you. Using Falcon Trackers VTS (Vehicle Tracking System), you gain a hawk's eye view of vehicles beyond your line of sight.

A variety of options to fit your budget (Pay per device, monthly, or one-time):

  • Regular: basic tracking, history playback, and MIS reports.

  • PILOT: Advanced tracking, history playback, email / SMS alerts and MIS reports

  • Neo-track: Stylish yet powerful tracking, history playback, email / SMS alerts, and MIS reports

  • Premium: Detailed yet inclusive tracking, history playback, email / SMS alerts, and MIS reports, analytics and rating.

Features of Falcon Trackers VTS (Vehicle Tracking System)

  • Fuel Management: Read and manupulate vehicle fuel from CANbus (such as OBDII) or external Fuel Sensors.
  • Temperature Monitoring: 24x7 monitoring Reefer / Freezer temperature
  • In-vehicle RFID / iButton tagging: manage your drivers with the automatic attendance system!
  • Harsh Driving Behaviour Pattern / Green Driving: On harsh brake, harsh acceleration, seatbelt, overspeeding, weekend usage, and so on.
  • Unlimited Geozones on the map.
  • 24x7 support via email, Skype and Whatsapp.
  • Free software updates and online support including periodic trainings.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).
  • Robust hardware with upto 5 years extended warranty.

Insight View of Falcon Trackers VTS (Vehicle Tracking Systems):

  • Track your vehicle on the digital maps LIVE 24X7.
  • History Playback of over 2 years' information.
  • Get on-screen, email and sms alerts on various events such as overspeeding, excessive idle, fuel sudden change, reefer temperature, harsh braking, unauthorized usage, oil change, crossing Geozones, etc.
  • Vehicle theft recovery - we can help you track and trace your vehicle around the globe.

Fuel management with the help of sensors attached in the fuel tank measures the variation of fuel level. This system is designed to give live fuel levels, fuel consumption, and fuel refilling details in the fleet.

Fuel level changes can not only be measured with a sensor but can also be measured with the help of pre-entered mileage and gauge. Here, the tank is continuously analysed to detect the refilling and draining of fuel. When draining is detected, an alert is generated. Thus, it helps you to identify theft or leakage before it is too late.

The receipts and bills added at the time of fuel filling can calculate fuel expenses. Thus, you can manage expense easily. Moreover, reports like fuel status, fuel usage, and fuel mileage helps you get analyzed data of fleet efficiency and fuel usage.


Misuse and theft of fuel are major problems faced while managing fleet.

Here comes an end to these problems. Fuel management will help you monitor fuel consumption and fuel level change. It will also compare the fuel levels with the help of sensors or with the fuel expense added.

Trakzee not only allows you to stop the fuel theft but will also help you manage fuel expenses. Thus, it’s a helping hand in fuel consumption and efficiency.


Prevent misuse and theft

It detects the changes in fuel level and then warns you about the problem detected. Thus, it helps to prevent the theft and fraud of fuel.

Detect fuel filling in an unofficial fuel station

Trakzee warns you when any fleet fills fuel from the station that is not authorised by you.

Get historic fuel report

Compare your previous fuel report for better understanding of fuel usage. Know when and where the fuel was used for anytime period.