Temperature Monitoring

Delivering temperature-sensitive items using GPS technology can enhance the efficiency.

Delivering temperature-sensitive items using GPS technology can enhance the efficiency.

The cold chain industry needs special equipment such as temperature-controlled trucks and several other refrigeration methods to maintain the product's select temperature range. Without this, food and perishables will end up going to waste.
If this is your business line, we have a cold chain monitoring solution that will help you tackle this particular business's challenges head-on. It will help you boost the chain's operations efficiency, cargo delivery speed, and safety. Here are other benefits that you will enjoy when you use our GPS technology while delivering temperature-sensitive products. 

Monitor trailer temperature

With our GPS tracking systems, temperature monitoring is made possible using automated alerts from the system. The fleet managers can also track door closure and movement, excess vibration, reefer status, and so much more. This ensures the cargo being transported maintains proper temperature levels throughout the trip.
Also, proper fuel utilization is enhanced when you remotely monitor the temperature levels. 

Enable geo-fence notification alerts

Our tracking solutions allow you to automate geo-fence alerts when the shipment approaches the customer's dock. This ensures the cargo is unloaded quickly and placed in a temperature-controlled area to ensure product safety. 

Better visibility

Our vehicle tracking hardware gives you visibility of the trailer's location. The tracking solution enables you to monitor your assets in real-time, giving you their location, status, and history of use. This can give fleet managers the location of the closest trailers that are available for a particular job. 

Improved asset utilization

The tracking system will help you understand how the vehicles are being utilized. You will also know which equipment has a low return on investment. You may choose to sell or rent out underperforming business assets. 

Improved communication with drivers

Our vehicle tracking hardware will enable constant communication with your drivers. You can help them reduce unnecessary stops and idle time and determine the fastest route. You will also be able to monitor bad driving habits such as rapid braking and acceleration, which may put other road users at risk.
Our cold chain GPS management systems are comprehensive enough to suit all your delivery needs. They come with features such as:
Durable: They work in both cold and harsh environments.
Flexible: This will determine what you want to monitor and how often.
Reliable: They have both GPRS cellular network and satellite coverage.
Long battery life: Self-powered trackers come with a battery life of up to 4 years. 

Now you fully understand why we are your go-to company for your cold chain technology solutions. 

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