Fuel Monitoring

Highlights of Fuel Monitoring Software

Highlights of Fuel Monitoring Software

Compatible With Any Sensor

Fuel monitoring software offers the flexibility to work with any brand and type of fuel sensor. This eliminates the need for brand specific systems. Moreover, you can choose the sensors that best suit your specific requirements. Rather than being limited to a single brand, manufacturer or sensor type, our system is suitable for-

  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Capacitive sensor (Wired/ Bluetooth)
  • Fuel flow meter
  • Digital sensor

Monitor Fuel Levels

Easily monitor fuel levels, drain fuel and refill fuel for multiple vehicle tanks specifically with our state of the art fuel monitoring system.

Multiple tanks in single vehicle

Heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks or other vehicles usually have two or more fuel tanks. Therefore, the software is designed to monitor the fuel levels in multiple tanks in a single vehicle.

Multiple sensors in a single tank

Fuel sloshes around in the tank when the vehicle is traveling on hilly roads. To achieve accurate results, it’s therefore necessary to install multiple sensors in a single tank. In addition, our software can monitor multiple sensors in a single tank.

Use Across Industries

Flexible fuel monitoring software that can be used in various industries.

Trucking: In the trucking industry, it’s critical to manage and keep track of the fuel consumed by your fleet. This also includes recording fuel fill and simultaneously accurately monitoring fuel consumption.

DG Set: Monitor the consumption of fuel in DG set. In addition, track run hours, and refills of your DG set. Simultaneously get alerts for low fuel levels, or a sudden decrease in fuel levels.

Construction and mining: In this sector, it’s essential to manage fuel usage for heavy machinery and equipment. Meanwhile, this also involves tasks such as recording fuel fill and tracking fuel consumption.

Agriculture: It’s undoubtedly essential to manage fuel usage for farm equipment and vehicles. This also involves recording fuel fill and monitoring fuel consumption.

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