Fleet theft can now be tackled through a better solution

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Fleet theft can now be tackled through a better solution

Theft of fleet vehicles remains the biggest problem in the logistics industry, regardless of where it occurs. 

Most fleets experience an average of two vehicle thefts each year. Fleets recover half of their stolen vehicles (53 percent); however, many fleets don't recover stolen vehicles.

In spite of technology advances, fleets are being stolen more frequently today, but for different reasons. A majority of vehicle thefts are caused by unsafe practices such as leaving running cars to attend to customers or not locking windows and doors. Though these habits may seem harmless, they give thieves the chance to steal a vehicle, strip it for spare parts or use it for a robbery.

Here are a few ways fleets can prevent vehicle theft

  • By requiring all employees to wear uniforms/name tags at all times while driving work vehicles, thefts will be easier to identify and prevent.
  • Be sure to lock the doors.
  • Define specific parking spaces.
  • It is the driver's responsibility to hide valuable items from sight. One option is placing these items in the vehicle trunk.
  • Ensure that vehicles are locked at all times and that they are parked in well-lit, safe areas.
  • On vehicles carrying sensitive equipment, install alarms.

It is possible to ensure fleet safety manually by following these steps. This method does not allow Fleet Managers to access real-time fleet data. With a GPS tracking system in place, you can prevent theft and recover assets if drivers make mistakes. 

Why GPS tracking is important for fleets

Using telematics, vehicles can be tracked real-time, and notifications can be received, so fleet managers are notified when theft occurs and can more easily recover the vehicles. 

In addition to geo-fencing, GPS Trackers have unauthorized access alerts, disconnected tracker alerts that provide real-time updates. With the aid of tracking devices, it is always possible to prevent theft rather than having to replace entire fleets later on.

GPS technology makes it possible to track assets even in remote areas and locate trailers that are detached from vehicles. It is possible to report fleet statuses even without an active internet connection with GPS technology. You cannot lose track of your assets under any circumstance.

Choosing the right GPS Tracker

A vehicle will become a much less attractive target for thieves if it takes them more time to steal it. It is by far the most effective method of preventing a fleet theft.

Falcon Trackers tracking devices are so compact that they can easily be hidden within a vehicle. This can help you keep track of the location of your vehicle and enable you to recover it if it's stolen. 

It's natural that thieves would look for trackers, disable them, and then get away with the vehicles. To prevent thieves from finding and unplugging it easily, the tracker must be well hidden. 

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