How do I manage my fleet? Learn all about it

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How do I manage my fleet? Learn all about it

Safety and efficiency are key to a successful business. Fleet management can play a key role here. In addition to enhancing operational efficiencies, it aims to promote driver and vehicle safety. Thus, 75% of fleet managers rely on fleet management software or vehicle telematics to support their day-to-day operations.

Before diving in, let's review the basics.

Fleet management - what is it?

Fleet management refers to the processes used by your business to manage fleet and asset information, beginning with acquisition to end-of-life. By doing so, your business can reduce costs, optimize operations, and ensure compliance across a fleet of vehicles.

Ultimately, fleet management is meant to increase efficiency and productivity while improving driver and vehicle safety. This can be accomplished by using a combination of vehicle tracking, fuel consumption reporting, driver monitoring, and vehicle maintenance management.

Why is fleet management so important?

The management of fleets of vehicles is common in many businesses. The larger the business, the larger the fleet. Managing the logistics of shipping and freight trucks is a complex process. Customers expect a company to deliver on time, but the need for repairs is constant. Tracking freight while it is still on the road is essential for a company. 

Businesses use fleet management to control costs, assist with record keeping of their vehicles, increase productivity, lower risk, and maintain compliance in their vehicle fleets. It's a necessary function for any company that owns or leases vehicles as part of their regular operations, whether those vehicles are vans, trucks, cars, or even drones

Fleet Management Solutions have numerous benefits, we will touch on some of them here: 

Vehicle Tracking

Fleet managers must know where each vehicle is at any given time in order to ensure driver safety. However, tracking a vehicle's location can be a challenging task, whether the fleet contains five vehicles or 5,000. Having fleet management software in place allows them to send help quickly in case of a mishap, reducing downtime and delays for customers.

Fuel Efficiency

With features such as remote tank monitoring, fuel efficiency reports, fuel wastage detection, and instant alerts during fuel theft, fleet management software addresses all fuel-related issues and helps increase the fuel efficiency of your fleet.

Driver Safety

Keeping drivers safe is one of the biggest challenges for fleet companies or fleet managers. It can be challenging to ensure safe driver behavior when fleet managers are hundreds of miles away from moving vehicles. Using tools like dash cams or vehicle tracking systems can provide fleet managers with real-time visibility into remote vehicles and provide evidence and materials to implement driver training.

Driver Statistic

The software keeps employee statistics up-to-date. As they assist in balancing working hours and resting hours, these figures also assist in managing productive time and maintaining worker safety.

Route Optimization

When fleet managers have near real-time traffic information, they can adjust routes to help avoid traffic jams and arrive on time.

Goods Control

A temperature monitor ensures that goods are always kept at the right temperature. To prevent breaking the cold chain, notifications appear whenever the doors of a vehicle are opened.

Reduced Total Costs

In order to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively, fleet managers should identify and weed out any unnecessary expenses. Operational, fuel, and maintenance costs can quickly add up. Fleet management software helps a company reduce costs and increase productivity.

Choosing the appropriate fleet management software

There is no doubt that choosing the best fleet management software is crucial, especially when there are various options in the market. Keeping your fleet safe while on the road and improving work efficiency are the primary functions of fleet management software. Unreliable or untrustworthy software solutions can cause higher accident rates, turnover rates, skyrocketing fuel costs, and inefficient maintenance.

We realize that to ensure your business, you need to use reliable fleet management software solutions that are both powerful and economical, and precisely tailored to your circumstances. 

Tracking devices from Falcon Trackers help promote a safer working environment while reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs. With improved reporting and increased customer satisfaction, it is undoubtedly one of the best fleet management software solutions available.

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