How Telematics Can Reduce Fuel Costs

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How Telematics Can Reduce Fuel Costs

By now, we all know that fuel prices are increasing globally, which burns a hole in our pockets


In 2022 and beyond, owners, operators, and fleet managers must find ways to save money while increasing productivity. By analyzing drivers' behavior, purchasing options, routes, and maintenance, technology can help reduce fuel expenses and cut costs.


Monitoring fuel expenditures with telematics

Organizations can monitor key operational factors, such as fuel consumption, with the help of fleet management technology. Combining GPS and fuel transaction information allows fleets to identify patterns and improve efficiency.

The following are some of the areas fleets can monitor

Integrated fuel card: Integrate fuel cards, create powerful reports, and get near-real-time fuel information to manage fuel costs.

Reporting on fuel cards: Track fuel expenses by vehicle and compare fuel purchases between vehicles with the fuel transaction history.

Fuel theft and card fraud: View fuel card purchases that exceeded a vehicle's tank capacity, or identify purchases made while a vehicle was not at a pump. 

Fuel consumption: You can reduce your environmental impact, save money, and make IFTA filing easier by keeping track of your CO2 emissions and fuel usage.


Observe other fuel-saving factors

Fuel efficiency can also be measured by fleet management technology by analyzing driving behaviors and vehicle functions.

Speed: As a driver speeds, the cost per gallon increases. Keep an eye on posted speed limits and use that information as part of driver training.

Idling: Idling consumes fuel. Monitor idle times and alert drivers when they are idling for too long.

Routing: Fuel efficiency increases with shorter routes. Traffic patterns can be monitored by dispatchers so they can tell drivers which route is the most direct or which driver is closest to the job at hand.

Maintenance: With regular maintenance, fuel costs can be reduced over time. Receive alerts when vehicles need maintenance based on date, mileage, and other factors.

Fuel Expenses can be reduced significantly with Fleet Management Technology. Find out how Falcon Trackers Fleet Management solutions can help you improve your business profitability, and we will help you save up to 30% more on your business transactions.

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