The Asateel Platform: What do Abu Dhabi freight operators need to know?

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The Asateel Platform: What do Abu Dhabi freight operators need to know?

It is now mandatory for all bus and other mass transit companies in Abu Dhabi to obtain a permit and keep their vehicles electronically tracked. Public buses, rented buses, privately owned buses, and tourist buses are governed by these regulations to ensure passenger safety.

In accordance with these regulations, Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) encourages all companies involved in freight transport activities to apply for a license through the "Asateel" platform and comply with all the requirements. 

The entity licensed to practice as well as individuals and the owners of freight transport vehicles must obtain a permit from the ITC to operate the vehicles and a professional license for its drivers, through the "Asateel" Platform.

In accordance with the regulations, freight transport activities cannot be conducted without obtaining a prior permit from the ITC and obtaining all necessary legal and regulatory requirements related to this activity, including obtaining a business permit from the Department of Economic Development.

Now that it is mandatory for all freight business owners in Abu Dhabi to enroll with Asateel, Falcon Trackers can assist you in registering with all the necessary legal formalities along with providing GPS Trackers and all hardware requirements since Falcon Trackers is a qualified supplier of Asateel Platform.

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