What Reminders Can Do for Fleet Performance

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What Reminders Can Do for Fleet Performance

Maintain your fleet as if it were a machine, ensuring that its gears are well lubricated. Track fleet maintenance closely to ensure optimal fleet performance. As your fleet grows, however, this becomes increasingly difficult. 

This is why Falcon Trackers has developed scheduled maintenance alerts. Fleets all over the country have benefited from Falcon Tracker's maintenance alerts, regardless of their industry..

Maintenance Schedules

When you track your vehicle maintenance on paper, you're likely missing out on critical vehicle improvements or problems. Scheduled maintenance alerts from Falcon Trackers help you avoid losses, save fuel, and increase safety. Here's how. 

Effective Dashboard

A maintenance dashboard shows the vehicles in need of immediate attention and those that are already past due. Keeping an eye on your maintenance dashboard means you're always in the know.

Log entries

It can be exhausting to keep track of the work done on your fleet if you are manually tracking it. Our log entries will help you do this easily. The system shows what you spend on parts and labor based on receipts you scan and upload. 

Notifications and Reminders

Keep up to date with this feature. Our system will alert you when service is due, when oil changes are due, engine hours, mileage, and any other preventative service. Falcon Trackers can help you keep track of your vehicle's needs so you don't have to. 

Maintenance Schedules: Why Are They Beneficial?

Preventative maintenance helps your fleet, which has several benefits. 

  • Safer Fleets: Maintaining mechanical systems properly can reduce your collision risk
  • Ensure efficiency: Vehicle breakdowns cost you productivity. Keep your vehicles maintained to avoid breakdowns.
  • Fuel Efficiency: The right pressure in your tires can significantly increase your mileage. Check your maintenance alerts for when to fill up. 
  • Happy drivers: You cannot function without your drivers. Ensure the vehicles you provide them are safe and efficient. 

Get Your Vehicles Maintenance Right

Investing in safety and saving money early is always a good idea. Fleet maintenance is crucial. Falcon Trackers will assist you with your maintenance goals as well as any other fleet-related concerns.

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