Why GPS Asset Tracking Is Beneficial

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Why GPS Asset Tracking Is Beneficial

Your business probably has a lot of capital invested in large equipment, so it's important to protect those investments. This can be done with GPS asset tracking software, which offers many benefits you may not be aware of. With GPS asset tracking, you can boost your bottom line in six ways.

Better Yard Management

GPS asset trackers are commonly used to enhance yard management. When you have a large yard with several types of equipment constantly in motion, you have a lot of moving parts to keep track of. It is even more difficult to manage your fleet of vehicles when they are spread across multiple yards.

Asset tracking software enables you to generate asset reports easily. Furthermore, billing and insurance documentation, as well as maintenance and usage reports, are provided. By automating these reports, you are allowing your employees to focus on more valuable projects and building your business.

Automate dispatch

While understanding where assets are located when they aren't in use is one thing, knowing their exact location on a route and how to get there is another. Your asset dispatch problems can be solved with a GPS asset tracking software system that integrates with your fleet management software.

With our system, you will be able to notify clients when their delivery left your yard and include an accurate ETA based on current road conditions. You can answer the client's questions without first having to contact the driver and pinpoint the location of a delivery. You can divert your drivers around accidents and other road hazards efficiently, so they don't get caught in the resulting traffic jams.

Limit unauthorized use

Employees use your valuable equipment for a side business without your knowledge. Somebody in the neighborhood knows you have the equipment they need just sitting around, so they come over and help themselves. Does it sound scary? It happens all the time.

Geofencing capabilities in GPS asset tracking software make this easy. Here's how:

  • Draw a digital line around your yard, project site, or anywhere else. 
  • You'll be notified whenever a tracked asset enters or exits the location you specify. 

You'll know when an asset isn't where it should be. Before too much damage is done, you'll be able to take corrective action.


Even worse than unauthorized use is theft of large assets. It's easy for savvy thieves to get access to equipment that doesn't have unique keys. Resell yards and auction companies make it easy for thieves to sell these items, since the process is simple and nearly anonymous. Large equipment isn't registered like cars and trucks, so it's hard to prove ownership, even if you know who took it and where it is.

In the same way geofencing can tell you when an employee borrows an asset, it can also tell you when thieves steal it. As a result, you'll know when a crime occurs and where the police should go to recover your property.

Cut your insurance costs

As a result, all of these benefits cut back on your insurance company's losses and liabilities. The risks and liabilities of your fleet are calculated using complex algorithms. Your insurance premiums will often drop when your risks and liabilities have decreased. Insurance companies may also offer discounts to fleets that use technology.

Ensure maximum revenue

Imagine knowing which of your assets are being used properly and which are mostly gathering dust. Along with this billing can be more accurate and transparent with precise reports detailing asset deployment to client sites. You can maximize the revenue from your large assets using Falcon Trackers GPS asset tracking software. 

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