ITC Guidelines for Asateel Platform registration in Abu Dhabi: what should you know?

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ITC Guidelines for Asateel Platform registration in Abu Dhabi: what should you know?

According to the ITC Regulations, commercial vehicles and public transportation vehicles must obtain permits in accordance with the regulations. By using Asateel registration, you will have the ability to request, cancel, and renew those permits that your company needs

Get to know all about ITC Guideliens for Asateel Platform here

During the registration process with Asateel Platform, it is important to know certain things

  • All public transport vehicles and commercial vehicles operating in Abu Dhabi as well as those traveling to Abu Dhabi must register on Asateel
  • You cannot apply for any service without first registering in ITC's Permits Services System in Abu Dhabi
  • Companies cannot conduct freight transportation activities or transport passengers by bus without registering in the system and obtaining the necessary permits to avoid accountability
  • If you have a commercial or public transportation vehicle traveling to and in Abu Dhabi which is not yet registered with Asateel, you will likely be charged a fine of 1000dhs per vehicle
  • Upon registering with Asateel Platform, you will have to install GPS trackers in your commercial vehicles that will be integrated with Asateel Platform
  • GPS tracking hardware and tracking software should only be purchased from Asateel-qualified companies, like Falcon Trackers
  • You can register on Asateel Platform by visiting or click to know the registration steps.
  • Alternatively, we can assist you in registering with Asateel Platform and providing Asateel Certified GPS Trackers in a hassle-free manner.

Using Falcon Trackers, asateel compatible GPS trackers can be easily integrated with the Asateel Platform. Falcon Trackers is the quick solution to create an Asateel account and avoid the long registration process. For more information about Asateel Registration and GPS Trackers, click here

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