Taxi Management Solutions

Intelligent taxi identification and dispatch based on idle taxi identification.

Intelligent taxi identification and dispatch based on idle taxi identification.

A comprehensive taxi management solution based on intelligent business rules, Falcon Smart Taxi meets the end-to-end needs of Radio Taxi Vendors. With Falcon Trackers - TMS, resources are time-sliced to maximize efficiency and uniform utilization.
Through the convergence of GPS, GIS, GPRS, and Information technology, the Falcon Smart Taxi maintains uniformity in a number of jobs assigned to drivers. Falcon Trackers - Falcon Smart Taxi provides drivers and passengers with security and safety utilities along with operationally efficient solutions.

Features of Falcon Trackers- "Falcon Smart Taxi"

  • Automatic Dispatch System: Falcon TMS auto dispatch system allows passengers to the nearest taxi at right time automatically.
  • Robust Apps: Intelligent application for driver and passenger to receive and manage Taxi bookings over a few taps.
  • Highly secure: Take telephone bookings with a real-time GPS tracker inbuilt in the system to locate passengers, drivers, transactions, and more.
  • Facebook login social & sharing: Passengers can enjoy facebook login and social sharing of the trip in their passenger application.
  • E-Receipts and Invoices: Upon successful payment, passenger application receives e-receipt and invoice of the trip in registered email id. A thermal printer prints the receipt inside the car.
  • GPS Tracking System: GPS tracker in the vehicle, mobile application, and dispatch software enables a fast and reliable approach towards the taxi management process.
  • Video Recording: A live video monitoring system can record 24x7 and has live streaming capabilities on 3G / 4G Networks.

Optional components to be installed

  • FDT Fleet Data Terminal
  • In-Vehicle Tracking Device
  • In-Vehicle Thermal Technology Printer

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